Cheerleaders; fortunetellers; mums & wives; crime bosses and drug addicts.

Currently studying Meisner technique with Michael Saccente and relishing every moment.

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Specific skills:
* Languages - fluent (English; Spanish; Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian)
* Languages - basic-intermediate fluency (French; Italian; Czech)
* Languages I've learnt to sing in (Romany; Macedonian; Maori; Russian; Portuguese)
* Accents (NZ; US; UK; Eastern European)
* Dance (Flamenco; Cuban Salsa (beginner); Samba (beginner); Zumba Instructor)
* Instruments (Piano; Percussion: Cajon, Palmas, Castañuelas)
* Sports (Tennis, Skiing, Biking)

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For all actor bookings please contact Anna Adam at The Human Agency.

They say my first words were to a song my grandmother sang to me. Or so they say.

I grew up on a diet of records that included the exhilarating rhythms of Eastern Europe and soulful guitars of the Iberian Peninsula and of course absorbed anything and everything that came my way from the King of Pop to the rich sounds of the Pacific, from the Americas and the East to electronic.

However, if there is a rhythm or dance that so accurately represents me Flamenco is it. Over the years I have taken classes and workshops in Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Czech Republic (with Juana Amaya, Antonio Vargas, Rocio Molina, to name a few) as well as having performed at numerous festivals and shows, private and corporate functions: as a soloist and as part of an ensemble.


On a mission to expand cinematic vocabulary.

The audience must be moved!

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In awe of the works of (in no particular order) Carné, Buñuel, Fellini, Truffaut, Gondry, Gatlif, Kusturica, Almodóvar, Godard, Paskaljevic, Kieslowski, Arriaga, Scorcese, Soderbergh, and so many more!


At the age of 10 I was given a simple point and shoot camera. It had no manual function. It had no instruction manual. But it certainly had a keen eye attached.

Now with over a decade of professional photography behind me (Commercial, Portrait, Travel, Sport, Event, Creative...) I still have that keen eye that sees the world through a series of photographs and cinematic moments.

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Contradiction. Chameleon. Expressionist.
Permanently attached to a camera. And stilettos. Don't underestimate the power of a great pair of heels.

Photography "Nartcissus Project": Boianna
All other photography: Jan Sisley
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